Alejandra Linares-Quigley – Director

Alejandra (Ale) comes from a family of Early Educators. Ale’s mother worked with the Head Start program, and has been a 6th grade teacher for over 15 years. Two of her sisters were Owners and Directors of their own preschools, and another sister was the Director of an infant/toddler center in Rawlins, WY.
Before moving back to our area, Ale spent her summers in Rawlins, WY where she began her career in Early Childhood Education by working at her older sister’s preschool.
When Ale turned 21, she moved to Saratoga, WY where she helped open a brand new preschool and child care facility.
Over the four years she spent as Assistant Director/Infant and Toddler Director of for Tomorrow’s Promise Saratoga (later Little Wonders Learning Center), she worked closely with her Director to create an infant/toddler program from the ground up incorporating elements of the best current curriculums and classroom management programs including Handwriting Without Tears, Conscious Discipline, Love and Logic and focused on both Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches. They were a play based and student centered learning center.
As the Assistant Director of those facilities, Ale gained valuable experience working with children in all age groups as well as day-to-day management of a child care center.
Ale recently moved back to her home town of Green River, WY to marry her high school sweetheart and begin a family of their own.
As Director of Play And Learn School of Wyoming, Ale draws on her background and experience to provide our families the best child care and make learning fun for everyone.
“I come from a very large family so I have always been surrounded by kids. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to work with children in some way. My biggest dream as a child was to be a Pediatrician however as I got older I started looking for other jobs that would still involve children in some aspect that was not in the medical field.”
“My mother and my sisters helped me
realize that my heart and passion is in early education. In the four years I was in Saratoga my passion for children grew more than I could ever have imagined.”
“The facility I worked in allowed me to learn more about early education then I realized I could. We taught sign language, English, Spanish and focused heavily on social and emotional health and regulation.”
“I plan to incorporate all that I learned in Saratoga and so much more to the curriculum and every day learning at PALS. I am so excited to be able to create a loving, fun and educational environment for all of the kids that will be attending our program and am looking forward to growing as an
early educator and Director.”

Moneasha Gold- Lead Teacher / Assistant Director

A wife, mother, bonus mother, and grandmother who grew up in The Uintah Basin of Utah (Roosevelt/Vernal area), Moneasha knew from a young age that she wanted to be in early childhood education. She started babysitting when she was 12 years old. In high school, she took classes geared toward Early Childhood Education and dreamed of opening her own daycare facility.
At the age of 18, she was called to the nursery of a church she was attending and thereafter always looked forward to Sundays so she could be with the kids.
When she turned 19, Moneasha moved to Texas, where she fell in love, got married, and started a family of her own. During that time, she again found herself in the church nursery on Sundays while parents had their choir practice.
Eventually, Moneasha made her way back to Utah and went into the Medical field as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant. Then in 2017, she moved to Rock Springs, remarried, and started a new life in our community working for the School District in the Alternatives Academics Program, where she stayed for 3 years.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Moneasha took a year off to supervise her youngest son and a friend’s 2 daughters doing homeschooling. She also enjoyed incorporating arts/crafts and cooking/baking along with their computer and book work.
“My passion to be a facilitator in children’s education has been reawakened and I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of your children’s lives!”

Leslie Maciel – Lead Teacher / Assistant Director

Leslie moved to Rock Springs from Mexico with her mom and younger brother when she was four years old and has lived here for the last 20 years. She is now a wife and mother to her beautiful two year old daughter.
Leslie is fluent in both English and Spanish, and has always enjoyed working with kids. From an early age any time her siblings and friends would pretend to play school, she would always choose to be the teacher. Leslie attributes her inspiration to work with kids to her first grade teacher, Mrs.  A.   She says, “Mrs. A was an amazing educator and I always admired the way she would treat and love every student she had”.   Before joining us at PALS, Leslie worked in Headstart for three years up until her daughter was born.
“I was ready to find a workplace where I could take my daughter with me. I was truly blessed to find this amazing workplace! I can’t wait for all the experiences to come.  Working with children has its challenges but to see the smile on a child’s face when they accomplish something makes it all worth it.”

Rachel Mason

Rachel is a recent graduate of Rock Springs High School, where she took classes geared toward Early Childhood Education. Her career in child care began when she started watching her little brothers at the age of 13, and then moved on to providing infant and toddler care at a Child Care Center in Rock Springs. She enjoys working with children of all ages.
Rachel loves taking kids outside to play. She also enjoys cooking, coloring, and taking her dog on walks. During the colder months she does themed crafts that focus on a certain holiday or event
“I enjoy working with children because I love to see how each individual child grows and learns in their own different way.”

Lindsey Brown

Lindsey Brown has an extensive background working and volunteering with children in general education and special education. From mentoring a child with a parent in prison, to working as a one-on-one paraprofessional with children with disabilities, to volunteering with pre-k students in Sunday school, Lindsey’s experience spans across many cities and many years. 
Lindsey is especially skilled at teaching children how to regulate emotions and find healthy, creative outlets. She believes children should be encouraged to explore their interests as early in life as possible, and she dedicates herself to helping students of all ages find a sense of purpose and belonging at school.
In her free time, Lindsey works as an independent musician, producer, singer, graphic designer, and artist. A very creative person, she is most in her element either enjoying nature’s beauty or making things in her studio. She lives with her husband Will in Rock Springs and they plan to get their first house together soon, so that their family in Colorado can visit.

Carley Doroha

Carley is a recent graduate of Rock Springs High School, where her industriousness earned her an early graduation. She then enrolled in college classes focusing on Early Childhood Education, with a goal of eventually becoming an elementary education teacher.
Carley is a Rock Springs native and is invested in our community. She did community connections through her seventh and eighth grade year, and has also helped at the local soup kitchen, done yard work in her neighborhood, and attended in a local daycare. Carley also worked as an ice skating
instructor at the rec center where she taught the ages of two to nine how to ice skate.
When she’s not working with our children, Carley enjoys spending time with her family, including her mom, her two older brothers, and her niece. She loves being around kids, teaching, and watching them grow. Carley also likes doing different crafts with them and seeing their excitement when doing new
“I want to work with children my whole life because it is amazing how much they grow and learn. I want to be able to give care to all children and teach them new things.”